Welcome to Local Crop!

 Localcrop.com is SYSCO Cleveland’s informative website that reinforces our commitment to providing a virtual Farmer’s Market to our customers. Local ingredients are collected and delivered to our customers through a unique partnership between farmers, artisan producers and SYSCO Food Services.
This unique collaboration comprised of www.localcrop.com, the Ohio State Department of Agriculture, family farms, local growers, local manufacturers, Ohio family businesses and SYSCO Cleveland is designed to deliver quality assured ingredients that help food service operators build the freshest, seasonal menu possible while supporting the local community.

Why Local?

Cultivate Support local suppliers to help them grow and prosper, contributing to improving our community.
Harvest Share the bounty with your guests and help them appreciate the incredible food Northeast Ohio has to offer.
Connect Build stronger relationships with local suppliers and your guests. Learn about the passion that local suppliers have for their craft.

Local chefs support local ingredients. Chefs like Steve Schimoler, who has consulted the local crop idea and participates by buying, selling, serving and eating local products from SYSCO.
The information on this website will stir your creativity and help you find local ingredients to enhance your menu. It will give you the confidence to see where these products are grown and produced.
(Please contact your SYSCO Cleveland Marketing Associate to place your order!)

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